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Image: Abby Gillardi

Hello there!

Welcome to the HeartWork’s Teachers’ Circle. This circle was birthed in response to a bunch of you dynamic, creative teachers seeking support, resources and direction in developing your teaching skills, knowledge and expertise. Many of you are teachers of mindfulness, compassion and the contemplative arts; some of you teach children; some of you teach online; all of you want to develop your craft. Let’s get together and see how we can support each other!

This circle is designed to be a supportive space for us to gather online, synchronously and asynchronously. I’m here as holder of the space, and while I am a dedicated, experienced, passionate teacher, I don’t claim to be an expert in all things teaching-related. I’m here to learn as much as you are!

Many of us do not fit the usual mold of teachers – we want to bring in contemporary advances in pedagogy, new research into the nature of learning, cross-disciplinary approaches and collaboration with other teachers whose skills and experience complements ours and could contribute to the creation of a brand new discipline! Let’s have those conversations and see what we can brew up!

Some of the platforms we’ll use to meet in circle include:

  • private Facebook group;
  • live circle gatherings online via video conferencing;
  • this online Learning Management System with a library of resources;
  • email exchanges.

Woven into these gatherings will be:

  • peer consultation on planning and teaching programs;
  • sharing of resources about technology, research, pedagogy, articles of interest, and professional development opportunities;
  • sharing original content we create as we journey together;
  • exploration of our core values and strengths and how we can leverage these understandings to move into teaching environments that truly nurture our soul’s purpose and connect on a deeply spiritual level with our participants and our colleagues.

New material will be added to the online resource regularly. If you have something you want to contribute, please let me know about it!

See you in circle soon!