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Reflecting is another valuable part of Thriving Woman Toolkit. It is through reflecting on how our understanding of the material and our practice affects us, that we can really notice shifts in the way we relate to ourselves and our experience.

Reflection during get-togethers

Every get-together includes some inquiry time. Inquiry is an opportunity for you to explore your experience with the teacher or with each other. Inquiry is usually a short exchange, where you'll be invited to think about your experience from a place of kindness, connection and presence.

We will carefully guard get-together time so that everything during the get-together is about supporting your learning (rather than chit-chatting :-)).

Private Reflection Practice

Journaling can be a great way to reflect privately on your experience. You are encouraged to write about your experiences while you are doing the Thriving Woman Toolkit program and beyond. You might even like to purchase a special book that you dedicate to journalling about your practice. You will not be asked to share the contents of your journal unless you want to.